Re: greenyes-d Digest V99 #77
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:59:42 EST

For Sam Cole at EcoCycle:

The report I did for MASSPIRG has fully referenced data on energy savings and
greenhouse gas reductions for recycling glass, metal and plastics. (The source
material includes work by my firm Sound Resource Management, Tellus Institute,
US EPA, Franklin Associates, Environment Canada, and several others - all
detailed in footnotes and references in the MASSPIRG study) The paper piece is
in a report currently in draft form for the state of Massachusetts Recycle
2000 task force that I assisted Lisa Skumatz at SERA with. Contact MASSPIRG
at 617-292-4800. The MA 2000 report will be available shortly I presume
through the State of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

Water savings are not as readily available, but you could check with EPA's
project to build a lifecycle model for municipal solid waste management
strategies - or 919-541-2709 is the project manager.

For savings in raw materials - trees, oil, metal ores -the EPA project is a
good place to start.

Hope this gets you started.
Jeffrey Morris
Sound Resource Management
Seattle, WA