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Cindy Shea (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 17:19:03 +0000

Hi Kari,

Beanie Babies started up in '93. I have a 10 year old who has become a
self-educated expert in the past five months.

Light-up tennis shoes are still with us. I think they started appearing about
'88 or '89. At one point, the state of MN banned them from landfills because of
the mercury in the batteries. I presume the battery formulation has since

Alkaline batteries started going greener in the early 90s. Various
manufacturers started introducing new formulations at different times. The US
is still far behind much of Europe, however, where virtually every cash
register has an old battery drop off box next to it.

Good luck.
Cindy Pollock Shea

Solid Waste Abatement Intern wrote:

> Does anyone know of any recycling trivia?
> Some specifics I am looking for are:
> * How many plastic bottles in a pound in 1989? How many in a pound today?
> Also for glass?
> * When did cans replace the 8-pack returnable pop bottles?
> * When was the toxicity reduced in household alkaline batteries?
> * When did the tennis shoes with light-up components come and go?
> And when in the heck did Beanie Babies start?
> I am doing a display to celebrate 10 years of recycling in our county. Does
> anyone have any creative ways to celebrate the message!?! Thanks for your
> thoughts. Kari
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