[GRRN] Sustainable Development in Colombia

Wed, 10 Feb 1999 18:02:51 EST

My apologies for this off-topic posting, but I know there are subscribers out
there that are multi-disciplinary, plus none of us can afford to ignore
sustainability these days. If anyone can help with the following request for
assistance, please respond directly to them at prosperar_@hotmail.com (Jose
Felipe Mesa Buitrago). This is out of my league, but to the extent that I
understand their needs, they are looking for financial and other support for
sustainable devlopment initiatives:

Dear friend:
Our organization at the moment is working on projects of environmental
impact and social impact, the union of both variables which I propose to
generate sustainable human development.

We are doing promotion of health and prevension of
disease, with the integral that allow us to fortify economic, social and
spiritually to communities but depressed programs of our country.

For example at the moment we are looking for total financing or partial
to a program that we called economi shared in common autogestionaria, at the
moment we have 5 projects that have given a wonderful result.

This initiative is benefitting 2,500 people with limited resources and
has reactivated the economy of these sectors, we can with satisfaction
say that these communities have diminished the percentage of depredation
and destruction of the enviromental resourses, and to recover its
self-esteem and inclusibe to give him to a sense to its lives, as to get
sides asi to save although it go to a single person, valdria the pain.

What we need is that some Organization the International invests in
nuestaras strategies and of the hand, nonsingle we also give a light him
to these people but to the planet that depends on ecosystems like ours.

Also we have designed programs to artisan fishermen of culture of
moluscos, culture of fish, projects of handling of been accustomed to
for recycling in short, the idea is that if somebody is interested in
our Organization, of the hand we pruned to work by the future of the
people who come, our children.

Please write me and give me your opinion, I can provide additional


Foundation for the Sustainable Social and Community Development of Colombia