[GRRN] ZERI News Flash 990203

Anders Karlsson (a.karlsson@home.se)
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 14:31:57 +0100 (CET)


Which business sectors in Japan are moving towards zero emissions. The
fact that all four beer companies are the first ones to declare
commitment and implementation is due to the fact that ZERI has
insisted that beer is the easiest one.

Table from Nikkei, January 17, 1999

Companies which have implemented Zero emissions

Kirin (beer) 15 factories in Japan
Sapporo (beer) 10 factories in Japan
Asahi (beer) 9 factories
Suntory (beer and spirits) 3 factories
Kizakura (sake) Tanba factory
Fuji Xerox (office automation) Takematsu factory

Companies which have decided to implement Zero Emissions

NEC by year 2000 at Otsuki factory
INAX all factories by 2000
Honda all factories by 2001 (not the car)
Sekisui all factories by 2002
Sharp all factories by 2005
Toto (ceramics) all factories by 2005
Hitachi all factories by 2010
Omron (eletronic equipment) all factories by 2010

Companies which would like to implement Zero Emissions shortly

Asahi (beer and spirits) factories in Kashiwa, Akashi, Hokuriku
Ajinomoto (biotechnologies)
Nihon Seishi (paper) started planning in 1997
Sanyo (consumer electronics)
Coca Cola Bottling Japan Hiroshima factory by 2001

Anders Karlsson
ZERI Foundation