Re: [GRRN] Post consumer #6
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 15:53:02 EST


I have wondered how you guys were dealing with that styro, noting that you
collected it in your news letter. I wish I could help, but......... i guess
a nice grant from some plastics organization would be helpful. We, at
Infinity Recycling (a small non-profit), have always suggested to those
interested that they should take their styro pellets to any mailing store, all
of whom in our area gratefully accept it and reuse it, even if it is mixed
with the corn starch stuff.

Maybe you can get some sort of break from your county when and if it comes to
dumping it, since you have gone to all the trouble of collecting it and ,
probably compacting it and baling it. Maybe you could create a far out art
project/ city scape with a Greenpeace type banner on it, pointing out the
irresonsibility of the industry and get some publicity. Use the landfill as a

Anyway, sorry you're in this delemma. I hope you can get a little good out of
it after all the great effort you've gone through to accululate the load.

Eee you around,