[GRRN] Teenagers

Cindy Shea (cpshea@earthlink.net)
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 11:41:06 +0000

When I talk to kids, I try to bring along samples of products made from
recycled materials. Frisbees, binders, clipboards, fleece jackets,
shoes. Deja Shoe used to have a great ring with coffee filters, diaper
backing, wetsuit parts etc and a cross view of one its shoes. Local
distributers of Deep E shoes and other recycled products are often glad
to share props for presentations or photo shoots, especially when they
get free advertising out of the deal. Kids need to know that products
made from recycled materials aren't wierd, they're cool. Then encourage
them to ask questions when they shop. Most kids are shy and don't want
to make waves. Maybe providing them with a checklist of questions to ask
would help. Are your products made from recycled materials? What share
of the material is recycled? If it's not made from recycled materials,
why not? What needs to change in the marketplace so that I can buy more
products made from recycled or sustainably produced materials? The
merchant very possibly will not know the answer. But if the questions
get asked enough, they'll know there's a demand out there waiting to be

Letting kids know that there are professional opportunities for them
related to recycling, environmental restoration and enhanced ecosystem
productivity, retailing green products, policy analysis, research etc is
also an eye opener for many of them. I've found that most kids need
their imaginations stretched, but once you do some inspiring they get

Cindy Pollock Shea
Contributing Editor