Re: more on Teens and Recycling

Kat Bennett (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:52:03 -0700

I had another thought about the subject of educating teens about waste
reduction and recycling regarding the following question:

6. Can teens write to companies or legislators stating their opinions?
Specifically, where should they write?

The answer is yes, absolutely. It comes back to the subject of empowering
kids to become more conscious consumers. The power of letters, especially
from young people is incredible. I once spoke with a PR person from Quaker
Oats, who took time to respond to a letter I wrote by calling me on the
phone. He told me that for every letter they receive, either in praise of or
critical of his company's products, he assumes there are 20,000 other
consumers who hold the same opinion.

As for where to write, most products have at least a phone number, if not an
address where consumers can call and/or write. Also, more and more companies
are adding a comment feature to their web sites, just click, write and click
to send!

Of course, along with the power of letters, kids should hear the message
that their most valuable consumer tool is their wallets. Letting a company
know in writing WHY your money won't be spent on their product really drives
that message home.

Kat Bennett