[GRRN] Truth in advertising

Myra Nissen (myracycl@inreach.com)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 08:56:17 -0800

Everyone complains about the recycle logo being on containers and their
frustration because it is not recyclable -- this was the basis of the
"Take The Wrap" campaign some years ago where people were told to send
plastic bottles to the plastic packaging industry with a note stating
that they understand this bottle is recyclable by the logo on it, but it
is not recyclable in their community...

I purchased a box of Stoned Weat Thins this weekend and next to the
recycle logo on the box are the words:

"This box is made with 100% recycled material including at leaset 40%
post consumer material and is recyclable where facilities exist."

It still doesn't solve the problem, it explains it.