Re: [GRRN] Junk mail idea

Helen Spiegelman (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 13:08:04 -0800

At 12:12 PM 1/18/99 EST, wrote:
>While I admire our Australian friend's creativity, I have a simple question:
>Is it appropriate to send unwanted (or junk) mail to combat junk mail?
>Jerry Powell

Hi Jerry!
I can't agree that Hop's invoices to senders of "junk mail" were "junk mail"!

After all, they were written in reply to mail he received (they were, in a
sense, "solicited").

Also, Hop's responses were addressed to a particular recipient and sent (I
assume) by regular post rather than bulk mail; this was not a mass mail-out
(8 items, I think he said).

I have forwarded Hop's message to a friend who writes for Adbusters
Magazine, and I hope the initiative gets some media coverage. It's time the
purveyors of junk mail stop assuming that someone else will clean up after
their left-overs!

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