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According to the 121/98 issue of Glass Industry, "Ball-foster Glass is
reported to have reduced the level of cullet in use at its California
plants in response to increasing contamination problems. The quality
problems are the result of a move to single stream collection by several
local recyclng schemes, including the Los Angeles scheme which is the
largest in the country."

Have any other single stream programs received this kind of feedback?
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In researching this question, there are a number of factors to keep in mind:

- Is the MRF doing a positive sort for the materials (e.g., picking glass off
the line directly). My understanding is that MRFs which do positive sorts for
materials are not having any problems with contamination of glass or paper and
marketing of the materials where these materials are coming in commingled
recycling streams. I encourage you to talk to Chris Almeida of GreenTeam of
San Jose for some real world comments on that (

- For single stream collection, I understand a significant issue is the amount
of MRF residue is influenced by the amount of materials which are accepted at
the curb which are not currently marketable in a specific program. If
nonmarketable materials are not collected from the curb (through courtesy
notices or non-collection notices left with contaminated recyclables to
educate residents and correct problems in the future), the residue at the MRF
is small, regardless of the number of sorts required.

Please factor these issues into whatever analysis and surveys you do. I would
be very interested in any results you develop.


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