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Public Outreach Coordinator
for the San Francisco Solid Waste Management Program,

Application Due: January 15, 1999 (may be extended)

The Solid Waste Management Program includes both the Recycling and
Hazardous Waste Management Programs. The Recycling Program promotes and
supports programs to reduce, reuse and recycle discarded materials in
San Francisco, including meeting the state mandate to reduce waste by
50% by the year 2000. Specific program areas include commercial,
residential, organics and market development with outreach and school
education efforts supporting all program areas. The Hazardous Waste
Management Program is responsible for implementing the County Hazardous
Waste Management Plan, which outlines the steps the City will take to
reduce its hazardous waste generation by 10 - 40% by the year 2000.
Public outreach is an integral part of these programs.

The Position: Under the direction of the Senior Administrator, the
Coordinatorís responsibilities are to maintain and expand the Recycling
and Hazardous Waste Programís public outreach activities.

Examples of Duties:

Develop Strategy

* Develop comprehensive strategy to creatively promote all hazardous
waste and recycling programs.
* Manage market research programs.

Promote Recycling and Hazardous Waste Programs

* Coordinate public outreach for each recycling and hazardous waste program.
* Develop and disseminate promotional and educational materials,
including press releases, PSAs, brochures, fact sheets, reports,
newsletters, ads, signs, and exhibits.
* Establish and maintain working relationships with public and private organizations.
* Under the direction of the Senior Administrator, work with media
representatives and editorial boards to promote recycling and hazardous
waste management stories and provide accurate information on recycling
and hazardous waste issues.
* Manage recycling hotline and answer written inquiries.
* Coordinate volunteer efforts.
* Coordinate the development and staffing of booths and exhibits at
fairs and special events.
* Select and manage contractors as needed for market research, community
relations, media relations, graphic design, writing, editing,
advertising, production, and dissemination.


* Supervise two public outreach staff and one intern
* Arrange speaking engagements for recycling staff.
* Keep abreast of similar public outreach programs in other communities.
* Assist Senior Administrator with other projects, as needed.

Minimum Qualifications:

* Bachelorís Degree in communications, public relations, marketing,
education, recycling, or related field; and
* Three years related experience in program promotion, development of
promotional materials, and/or community outreach;
* Knowledge of advertising and public relations;
* Excellent presentation and communication skills;
* Excellent organizational and management skills;
* Experience managing consultants, contractors, service providers, or equivalent;
* Ability to effectively interface with elected officials,
representatives of governmental agencies, the private sector, and the public;
* Ability to plan and organize complex projects; and
* Valid California driverís license (or ability to obtain one).

Additional years of experience may be substituted for the required
education on a year-for year basis. A Masterís Degree in one of the
fields listed above may be substituted for one year of experience.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

* Familiarity with and interest in recycling and hazardous waste issues.
* Experience preparing and managing budgets.
* Experience in teaching or education-related field.
* Macintosh/IBM literate; Knowledge of desktop publishing programs.
* Bilingual (English and Spanish, or Chinese, or Tagalog, or Vietnamese
or Russian).
* Ability to make presentations to culturally-diverse audiences.
* Ability to work independently.
* Ability to motivate.


1370 Special Assistant XI-Salary range $52,435-$63,736

Appointment above the lowest step requires approval by the Appointing
Officer and is available only under limited circumstances.
Authorization of this position is pending. This is an exempt position.

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to:
Public Outreach Coordinator Recruitment
Solid Waste Management Program
1145 Market Street, Suite 401
San Francisco, California 94103

Minority, women and disabled candidates are encouraged to apply

An Equal Opportunity Employer