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[GreenYes] Re: Personal News - I won election!

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Personal News - I won election!

Gary: Congratulations on your election.  Its no small accomplishment.
I ran 10 years ago against a 20 year incumbent to try to shake things
up in my conservative, Republican enclave.  I had my a.. handed to me
on a platter.  So I went another route, working to get things done
regardless of politics and now we are a Zero Waste County with strong
support from both sides.  Best wishes for further success in guiding
your community. Alan Hale

On Nov 16, 2:28 am, Gary Liss <g...@no.address> wrote:
> I would like to share some great personal news with you.
> Thinking globally and acting locally, I have been active in my
> community for many years working to preserve open space and oppose
> rampant development that has threatened our beautiful rural
> community.  Three of the 5 members on our Council supported
> development and did not fight to preserve the town most of us
> love.  So I decided to run for Council, to shift the balance back to
> a majority working to preserve our rural lifestyle.  See my campaign
> website for more details on the issues we addressed
> Despite long odds and facing two incumbents, I won election as a Town
> Council member.  I even obtained the most votes, so according to our
> Town's policies, I will be Mayor in 2010!
> A special thanks to my Zero Waste and recycling friends who helped
> support me in this effort!
> Gary Liss
> Gary Liss & Associates
> 4395 Gold Trail Way
> Loomis, CA  95650-8929
> 916-652-7850
> Fax: 916-652-0485
> g...@no.address 
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