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[GreenYes] Recyclability of the new self-heating can from ON Tech?

A recycler in Chape HIll NC recently asked us about the recyclability of the new self-heating can for hot beverages -- soups, coffees etc. ( the body is reported on their web site as made from polypropylene with steel end caps and the chemcial 'heater' is water combined with calcium oxide activated when you break the internal seal. Their web page says "The container is recyclable and place in any recycling bin."  I have no idea if the PP comes easily apart from the steel, what the residual chemical is post reaction and how its bound to the PP lining after the exo thermic reaction is completed, etc.
Not exactly a burning question in these panicked days for recyclers,  but if anyone knows about these self-heating cans, please advise. Their web page is interesting reading, esp. the part about why they produced this product.  "We expect our product to enhance a wide variety of everyday occasions for the average consumer." Thanks for any input on this product's recyclability.
Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Planner
Orange County Solid Waste Management Department
P.O. Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177
(919) 968-2788 or direct: (919) 968-2800 x161
(919) 932-2900 fax
Recycling accounts for over 14,000 private sector jobs in North Carolina with an annual payroll of over $376 million.  Private sector recycling jobs in NC have increased 13% since 2003.

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