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[GreenYes] Re: Alberta doubles deposit, adds milk containers.

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Alberta doubles deposit, adds milk containers.

I forgot to note that although the increase in deposits goes into
effect in 10 days, the addition of milk containers to the program will
not happen until June 1, 2009.  Thanks to Steve Apotheker for pointing
this out to me.

On Oct 22, 11:33 am, Peter Spendelow <>
> Talk about your short lead time - Alberta announced today that on
> November 1 - just 10 days away - they are doubling the deposit on
> beverage containers that are a liter or smaller in size, and raising
> the deposit on containers larger than a liter from 20 cents to 25
> cents.  They can take this quick action because their law does not
> require containers to be labeled with the deposit value, so you do not
> need to give companies the lead time to develop and print new labels
> and distribute the newly-labeled product.
> Alberta is also adding milk bottles to their bottle bill.  This is
> probably the first time that milk containers have been covered under
> deposit legislation anywhere.
> Note also that Alberta has an 85% goal for redemption of containers.
> They are below that now, but this raising of the deposit will probably
> get them there or well above.
> Thanks to Clarissa Morowski of CM Consulting for passing this along.
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