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[GreenYes] FW: Coca Cola / NRC recycling bin grant program

Aloha all,

I thought you may be interested in this grant program for recycling bins. You may be able to think of a lot of different avenues for the use of recycling bins, not only for future events, but perhaps businesses you work for or with, other special events, schools, etc. I’m going to forward this to as many people as I know. There may be some overlap, but I want to make sure as many people know about as possible. Please forward this email to the person at your workplace who makes the decisions about recycling and waste disposal.


FYI… the County of Kauai is in the process purchasing some really nice recycling bins for all County parks and community events, sports events, schools, etc by using funds through the Bottle Bill grant program. Long term loaners will be available to schools, non-profits and for profits organizing community, special, and sporting events in the near future. Nonetheless, the parameters of the grant program below are wider and allows for the purchase of recycling bins for offices, hotels, vacation rentals, etc. So, if you own a business, are a non-profit, a school, organize public events, etc. you may apply.


The County intends to apply for this grant to obtain recycling bins for all County offices and some public spaces, such as neighborhood centers, convention hall, War Memorial, etc.


Deadline to apply is October 26th. Application process is fairly easy and on-line.


Warm regards,

Diane J


Diane Rosenkranz

Recycling Specialist

County of Kauai

(808) 241-5112 ph

(808) 241-6892 fax


Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail



NRC and Coca-Cola Announce New Bin Grant Program

Coca-Cola and the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) announced a new recycling bin grant program designed to promote and support community recycling in the U.S. Through this innovative grant, recipients will have the benefit of both the donated recycle bins and the expertise on how to set up recycling programs from the National Recycling Coalition. Grants will be provided for recycle bins at sporting events, music venues, schools and commercial locations. The grant program is part of Coca-Cola's $60 million investment in recycling programs and initiatives in the U.S.

"We are excited to partner with Coca-Cola to offer a recycling bin grant program to communities and businesses," said Kate Krebs, executive director of the National Recycling Coalition. "The program is designed to increase recycling rates across the country by helping to off-set the initial costs of recycling bins."

The bin grant program leverages the purchasing power and expertise of the NRC and Coca-Cola to provide more recycling bins than would be possible if grant recipients were to purchase bins independently. The NRC also will contact grantees to offer guidance and consultation on setting up a recycling program, assess recycling bin needs and determine bin selection. NRC bin suppliers will then deliver bins directly to the recipients.

The grant program is open to city, government and school organizations as well as non-profit groups and for-profit companies. Interested parties may apply for the grant at NRC's website: Eligible grant activities include establishing a recycling program at schools, universities, sporting or recreation venues, parks, cultural events or business and commercial locations. Grant recipients will be selected and awarded recycling bins throughout 2008


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