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[GreenYes] Re: Green Darkroom Parties (was [P2] Green cleaning parties)

This is so enlightening, Ryuji.  It is true that digital cameras are energy gauzling and I have  a bag of used batteries to proof that.  I try to use free images from websites that I have discovered for my blogs.

Maybe Poly-tubing & Sheeting could be a possible storage solution for developers.  You can read about that at the following link:

This website also provides ideas and tips for used bags.  You can read an example for plastic net produce bags at the following link:

So, if you write to them, they may even suggest what is best to re-use so you do not have to buy PET bottles.

This should interest you.  In Malaysia someone has created kompang, a traditional hand held drum, using X-ray films.  You can view picture of the kompang at the following link:

The creator has kompang2 (plural) of almost all body parts.  He is on a lookout for X Ray of a skull to complete his set.

On my part, this is what I can do with my used batteries:

Here are places I go to for free graphics and photos:

Vintage art? Get them free!
Looking for pictures? Get them free.

I would love to read more postings about your industry on greenyes.  So, keep this going.


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