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[GreenYes] NY State Plastic Bag Recycling Law - different than NYC's


The New York Post By DAVID SEIFMAN

Last updated: 8:11 am
June 26, 2008

Angry City Council leaders called on Gov. Paterson yesterday to veto a bill they charged was passed "in the dead of night" in Albany to supersede a city law on plastic-bag recycling set to take effect in two weeks.

"I fail to understand why the state Legislature wants to make New York City a less green city, and we urge the governor to stop them from doing that," declared Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Queens).

The city law would have forced stores 5,000 square feet or larger, as well as branches of all chains with more than five locations in the city, to recycle plastic bags they hand out to customers.

The state bill increases the square footage to 10,000 for individual stores, but retains the 5,000-foot floor for the chains, such as Duane Reade.

The city's law also imposes higher fines and includes more plastics, such as those used by dry cleaners.



Kendall Christiansen


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