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[GreenYes] let the new awareness begin...

The new report is titled Stop Trashing the Climate, and you can get a copy (full report or Executive Summary) at .  


Now that we’ve had a national press conference “release” on June 5th (World Environment Day), it is time to think of other ways of getting this new report and some of it’s findings and recommendations out to the world, into the dialogue, and “at the table” when community greenhouse gas reduction funds are spent. 


Ideas from the GreenYes community?  Please post em here… it’ll take all of us working on this.


What are the key findings?   There is a lot in here, but my particular favorite is the recommendation that everyone start measuring Greenhouse Gas impacts on a 20 year timeline, not a 100 year timeline.   The scientists have already given their nod of approval to that, saying that is a POLICY decision, not a scientific one.   Why bother doing this?  Because then we will all understand the following statement by Rafe Pomerance, founder and Chairman of the Climate Policy Center, who said on the conference call releasing the report that “Over the next 20 years, methane will have the same impact upon climate as carbon dioxide.”   WOW… how is that possible?  Read the report.


What is your favorite “key finding” and why?  It would be good as a group to educate each other about all the gems in here so that we can all be better spokespeople for this issue.


Also,,, we created a  great poster to go along with the report… everyone feel free to use it as you wish.  It is on the report website.






Eric Lombardi

Executive Director

Eco-Cycle Inc

5030 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO. 80301




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