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[GreenYes] Re: Recycle Offset Credits?

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Recycle Offset Credits?

Two comments on this ongoing discussion:

1) Additionality has to be a factor in this discussion. In the example
listed by Rebecca Jewell below, if this program was gone to be set up
anyway, to meet either AB 939 requirements or because the City had
diversion goals, then there should be no carbon credits given to anyone.
The whole idea behind the concept of carbon credits is that they are
created for new programs that wouldn't exist otherwise.

2) Because it is so difficult to verify carbon reductions, we're working on
creating our own local carbon fund, that would be both verifiable and give
the benefits of the carbon reductions to the local community, rather than
sending funding elsewhere.  In trying to set up this fund, we've focused on
three local projects - solar installations in low income neighborhoods,
refrigerator replacement in public housing and setting up a biodiesel
fueling station (using grease collected from restaurants). The carbon
offsets produced by each of these projects will cost close to $100 a ton
(which is a realistic assessment of what it really costs to do carbon
offsets on a local level.)

David Assmann, Deputy Director
San Francisco Department of the Environment
11 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 355-3702

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Good question.  Looks like a pyramid scheme, yes?

Mary Lou Van Deventer
Urban Ore

On Jun 23, 2008, at 12:46 PM, Jewell, Rebecca wrote:

> Follow up question to this conversation...
> If a City starts a recycling program, does outreach for
> participation, hires a collection company who sorts the material and
> sells it to brokers who then sell it to refiners who process it some
> more (clean it, melt it, color sort it, etc) who then sell it to
> manufacturers who make it into new products, who gets the carbon
> credits for "recycling"?
> Is it the City?
> collection company?
> broker?
> the refiner?
> manufacturer?
> In the case of the City, they may be capping and trading under their
> County or State laws.
> But the collection company might be capping and trading in another
> system.
> And the broker, refiner and manufacturer might not even be in the
> United States...
> I'm just wondering what this would look like, if it became reality...
> Rebecca Jewell
> Recycling Programs Manager
> Davis Street Station for Material Recycling & Transfer
> A Waste Management company
> 510-563-4214
> Fun Fact: Waste Management recycled more than 5 million tons of
> commodities last year; preventing the release of more than 3.4
> million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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