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[GreenYes] Coop Marketing

Title: [GreenYes] Coop Marketing

I am interested in finding examples where a local government run MRF
provides coop marketing services for smaller rural communities? We have
several examples in NM where small communities process limited
quantities of recyclables and therefore do not have the ability to
negotiate sales at market prices. More concretely, a regional MRF is
being paid yellow sheet or better for fiber (+/- $125/ton) while the
smaller sites are receiving only half for the same material. Quality
issue are equal, mill spec bales with limited contamination. They
clearly are being squeezed by the limited quantity they produce.
Can a central, local government owned MRF negotiate pricing on their
behalf to get them market value for their material? Ideally as broker
only to avoid additional handling, but worst case would simply buy from
the small communities and resell to market.
Any and all examples greatly appreciated...
Justin Stockdale

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