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[GreenYes] ol' fashion lawn mower

Title: [GreenYes] ol' fashion lawn mower


We will be laying off our gardening service and we have a very small plot
of grass.  I want to get a powerless lawn mower, the kind you push and
the blades rotate.  Do local governments still provide any incentives for
these types of lawn mowers or do they only provide them for gas or
electric mowers that can chop up the grass so fine that it works for
grasscycling (which I want to do anyway).  I plan on checking Craig's
List but all leads are appreciated.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area on the Penninsula and most likely
will be going on water rationing soon so the lawn will be the first
sacrifice to the gods of drought.

Thanks for any leads.

Ann Schneider
Millbrae, CA
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