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[GreenYes] This just in...London's new Mayor to lead recycling campaign...

Mayor Boris to chair London Waste and Recycling Board

May 2008"">

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has agreed to chair the London Waste and Recycling Board in contrast to previous Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Johnson said he will champion recycling in London and has expressed his intention to direct up to £24 million of London Development Agency funds to support the Board’s work.

The money, which is currently being used to improve London’s waste management, will boost the £60 million already in the Board’s coffers from the Government.

Livingstone was offered the post of chairman on the newly created Board in 2007. But he refused because, he said, he didn’t see a purpose in taking part in a Board which had no statutory powers (MRW, June 18 2007).

However, Johnson’s decision to be chairman has pleased London Councils, which represents the capital’s 33 local authorities.

London Councils chairman Merrick Cockell said: “London’s local authorities have consistently argued that the capital needs a coordinated effort to build on the boroughs’ work to improve how waste is managed in our city.”

Johnson said: “While the capital’s boroughs have worked hard to drive up recycling in London, it is abundantly clear to me that a new, coordinated and collaborative approach is needed to tackle this pressing issue. This is why I pledged during the election to work in partnership with, rather than against, London's borough councils, in order to massively boost recycling and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

“Londoners want to be greener and recycle more, but they need to be offered more hassle-free ways to do so. Together with London's boroughs, I want to deliver new and innovative solutions to overcome present challenges.”



Kendall Christiansen


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