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[GreenYes] Contact for ZW in Buenos Aires

Greetings all,


I forget who the contact for ZW Argentina is?  Nora Goldstein, the publisher of BioCycle Magazine, is going to Buenos Aires and is looking for "international ZW" stories.


If anyone could respond to my email here, and to Nora about Argentina, that would be great.  And, I think Nora would love to hear from other ZW leaders from around the world!!  And here at Eco-Cycle, in our international division, we compile a file called Zero Waste Around the World, which we then publish a few good stories twice each year in our newsletter, the Eco-Cycle Times.  Check out our latest issue, and many years archived at



Grazie, and Happy Earth Day!  I leave tomorrow for a Zero Waste speaking tour against incineration in Italy with Paul Connett, Jeff Morris and Rick Anthony.




Eric Lombardi

Executive Director

Eco-Cycle Inc

5030 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO. 80301




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