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[GreenYes] Re: Best trade magazines?

My favorites are Resource Recycling and Biocycle. I have a stack of
Resource Recyclings dating back to 2003, if you're intersted and i
work in Philadelphia.

On Mar 10, 2:33 pm, "M.Simons" <msim...@no.address> wrote:
> Greetings,
>     I've recently realized that for all the years I've been doing/working
> on things related to things we discuss and do in relation to this list, I
> haven't actually gotten many trade magazines related to the subjects.  I
> used to live by my various trade magazines in computers, meeting planning,
> etc.. and I suddenly realized I've gotten few if any related to recycling,
> reuse, environmental stuff, alternative power, deconstruction, etc. etc.
>     So I'm wondering what everybody's favorite, best, etc. trade magazines
> are.  I've recently signed up for one or two, but could always use more
> good sources of info and reading (besides this list of course.)
>     I'd also be interested in anybody who might want to liquidate their
> collections of backissues of various topic-related magazines and books, as
> I'm going to set up a publically accessible archive soon at the facility
> I'm renovating.  Proximity to Philadelphia, PA a big plus.
> Thanks
> --
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