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[GreenYes] Re: NPR Story on Proposed Boston 'indoor' Composting Facility

Thanks for the advise.  I read in the local newspaper that a team of students have successfully reduce the composting time to 15 days by using cooking oil (0.5%) as a catalyst.  They call it the Organic Dome Aeration Technology.  The process reduced food waste up to 77%.

I discovered a website that provided a list of stuff that you can or cannot compost.  Here is an extracted list for leftover food:

Can I compost....

Baked Beans     No     read more →
Meat     No     read more →
Fish     No     read more →
Fat     No     read more →
Cooking oil     No     read more →
Pasta     No     read more →
Bread     No     read more →
Biscuits     No     read more →
Cake     No     read more →

You can read their reasons for not using these leftovers at the following link:


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