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[GreenYes] Re: Paper weights

Title: Re: [GreenYes] Paper weights
See the conversion table at our web site:

For carts, I use 200-300 depending for 96-gallons (half a cubic yard) and 120-200 for 64-gallons. It all depends on the mix of course. We have a local neighborhood newspaper publisher that puts two 64 gallon containers with print over-runs every week. Containers tend to be full and weigh 180-190. Another I’ve worked with puts out 96s for their hauler and they weigh 200-220 because they’ve go office paper and junk mail in as well.


David Biddle, Executive Director
Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council
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Philadelphia, PA 19118

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on 3/20/08 1:01 PM, Ann Dorfman at dorfmanann@no.address wrote:

Does anyone know of a standard used for estimating the weight of paper collected in 65 and 95 gallon wheeled carts? I know it varies considerably, depending on if it is shredded paper or phone books, but I'm looking for a comfortable average. Any information would be appreciated.

Ann Dorfman

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