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San Diego recently passed an ordinance requiring businesses to recycle - more online at  Plus, At the San-Diego owned landfill the $8/T Refuse Collection Business Tax (RCBT) is levied on all commercial and non-residential MSW, regardless of weight (residential self-haul is charged if >2Ts). The RCBT revenue goes to the General Fund for broader city operation needs (e.g., police, fire, library, streets, etc.).

Can anyone from San Diego comment if bans were discussed on commercially generated recyclables? Seems problematic in many locations as some route trucks collect from both res/comm - hard to tell generator when truck is checked at LF gate.  Or, a commercial route may cover businesses of different sizes mixed w/ gov't - ban all recyclables generated by all businesses & institutions?

I note that Mecklenburg County, NC mandates recycling for businesses generating > 15 cy OCC/wk. 

Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

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Please copy us all since this issue is being discussed everywhere I go,






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Please copy me on any replies to this interesting and important question from Meg.


Helen Spiegelman
Zero Waste Vancouver

At 10:38 AM 3/20/2008, Meg Lynch wrote:

A colleague is collecting info on the relative merits of disposal/landfill bans of commercially generated recyclables vs. mandatory recycling participation by businesses.
Has anyone done this or similar research or know of someone who has?  If so, I (we) would appreciate getting more information.
Thank you very much!
Meg Lynch
Waste Reduction Manager
Solid Waste & Recycling Department
600 NE Grand Avenue
Portland, OR 97232-2736
503-797-1795 (F)

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