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[GreenYes] FYI on Bottled Water: No More Sweetheart Deals for Nestle

Title: No More Sweetheart Deals for Nestle

From: activistnetwork@no.address [mailto:activistnetwork@no.address]
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 9:21 AM
To: Pete Pasterz
Subject: [text][html][bayes] No More Sweetheart Deals for Nestle

Dear Pete,

No More Sweetheart Deals for Nestlé

Today is a day for sweethearts, not sweetheart deals for the world's largest food and beverage corporation.

Click here to send Nestlé CEO Kim Jeffery a valentine asking him to be a dear and stop threatening local democratic control of water.

Not only has Nestlé commodified our most precious resource, it has pressured communities into deals that sell off the resource for less than 1/64 of a cent per gallon. They then sell the water back to us for more than $1 per gallon.

If that equation doesn't sit right with you, send Kim Jeffery a tough love valentine.

For years Nestlé has ignored community concerns - and the environment - when it takes and bottles water for brands like Poland Spring, Deer Park, Ice Mountain and Arrowhead. To get their way they have circumvented local democratic processes and spent millions to green their image - all to secure sweetheart water deals from Maine to Michigan to California.

Communities are suing to put a stop to the corporation's abuses and they could use your help. Nestlé is fighting their efforts tooth and nail.

So if the corporation won't listen to the law or local interests, perhaps they will listen to love? Click here to shower Kim Jeffery with the 'affection' he needs to be a sweetheart and cease the sweetheart deals.


Gigi Kellett
Think Outside the Bottle Campaign Director

Take Action!

Click here to take action on this issue.

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

What's At Stake:

Nestlé is the largest bottled water corporation in the world, with over 70 brands sold in 130 countries. From California to Michigan to Maine, Nestlé is interfering in local, democratic decision-making over water.  Read more.

Photo: Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation march against Nestlé's bottling plant in their community.

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