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[GreenYes] Re: Southwest Contacts for Glass

Even though we are not listed as an option, Las Vegas could use a
company to recycle glass. That has been one commodity that is
constantly overlooked here due to the expense to ship it out of state.

Kathryn Fergus
Southern Nevada Recycling Coordinator
702-486-2850 x. 251

On Jan 15, 1:59 pm, "English Bird" <engl...@no.address>
> A company based in New Mexico needs more recycled glass than our state can
> provide. The company wants to look regionally to purchase recycled glass
> from such markets as Phoenix and Denver. Who should we get in touch with to
> talk about volumes available/pricing etc in these markets? Also, are there
> other reasonably close large markets that we should look into?
> Thanks,
> English Bird
> New Mexico Recycling Coalition
> 505-983-4470
> engl...@no.address

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