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[GreenYes] Secret Recycling Factories

Electronics recycling exports have been labelled the bete noir of all
the national media, including this month's National Geographic
magazine. I posted more film this week to explain the other, larger,
side of the story.

I wonder if anyone here shares my view that refurbishing used goods is
the best way out for the third world. Compared to agriculture,
mining, oil, government or even working at a big manufacturer, these
photos say to me that with an education and someone else's junk, the
poor can do great things. The "white box" market (small manufacturers
like the ones in the photos on my blogsite this week) use a lot of

WR3A needs help, we are a new association trying to create fair trade
export standards for used goods, so these guys don't get sent junk
they can't use, and Toxics Along for the Ride.

We are having another conference this summer, with Recycling Today
magazine, in Chicago. If anyone sees anything in the photos and blog
attached that they think needs help, please join WR3A to support fair
trade practices (not just a ban on exports)

Robin Ingenthron

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