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[GreenYes] Re: Secret Recycling Factories

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Secret Recycling Factories

A very interesting and rather convincing story....

Alan Muller

At 04:17 PM 1/18/2008 -0800, retroworks wrote:

>Electronics recycling exports have been labelled the bete noir of all
>the national media, including this month's National Geographic
>magazine. I posted more film this week to explain the other, larger,
>side of the story.
>I wonder if anyone here shares my view that refurbishing used goods is
>the best way out for the third world.  Compared to agriculture,
>mining, oil, government or even working at a big manufacturer, these
>photos say to me that with an education and someone else's junk, the
>poor can do great things.  The "white box" market (small manufacturers
>like the ones in the photos on my blogsite this week) use a lot of
>WR3A needs help, we are a new association trying to create fair trade
>export standards for used goods, so these guys don't get sent junk
>they can't use, and Toxics Along for the Ride.
>We are having another conference this summer, with Recycling Today
>magazine, in Chicago.  If anyone sees anything in the photos and blog
>attached that they think needs help, please join WR3A to support fair
>trade practices (not just a ban on exports)
>Robin Ingenthron

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