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[GreenYes] GHGs, EIRs and new CA-AG actions.

The Northern California Recycling Association is one of several petitioners, including SPRAWLDEF, in a case opposing the approval of an EIR in Solano County, CA for the Potrero Hills Landfill expansion. We won in the first round and the county has re-written the EIR, this time paying notice to our new Attorney-General's ruling that EIRs must now take into consideration the effect of the specific project on global warming.
As the lead lay member of the NCRA team, it will be my job to feed our attorney language and concepts to insert in our opposition letter that will diminish anyone's confidence in the need for this expanded landfill. I have some ideas; I would appreciate hearing from others. I'm still looking up guidance documents but expect to do that by myself; learned discussions on this topic are particularly welcome. ARBoone3@no.address.

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