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[GreenYes] NM Recycling Conference 2008 - Call for Abstracts

Title: [GreenYes] NM Recycling Conference 2008 - Call for Abstracts


Motivate   Collaborate   Inspire

hosted by The New Mexico Recycling Coalition


On June 3-4, 2008, a conference will be held in Albuquerque to educate and unite New Mexicans serving on the recycling front.  The conference will be hosted by the New Mexico Recycling Coalition. 

Keynote speakers, lectures, panel discussions, and roundtables in the categories listed below will be selected.  To initiate your participation as a speaker, experts from industry, academia, government, recyclers and consultants are invited to submit papers describing research, applications, tools and case studies.  Approximately 30 minutes are provided for each presentation, including questions and responses.


Presenters will receive free Conference admission for one day. For more information about the conference, please go to

We are especially interested in the following TOPICS:

Hot Topics in Recycling

    ·       E-waste recovery

    ·       Single-stream collection

    ·       Zero waste programs and initiatives

    ·       Hard to recycle items and programs

    ·       Combining collection / processing / marketing among communities (hub and spoke model)

    ·       Construction and demolition recycling

    ·       Pay as You Throw incentives to recycle

    ·       Climate change and recycling

    ·       Recycling in the hospitality industry

    ·       Commercial recycling collection

Innovations in Processing

    ·       Material recovery facilities

    ·       Organics diversion

    ·       Tire processing

Tools to Improve Operational Efficiencies / Best Management Practices

    ·       Curbside versus drop-off centers

    ·       Economics of various collection / transfer / recycling equipment

    ·       Automated collection

    ·       Training and safety issues

    ·       Commercial recycling audits

    ·       Geographical challenges/ rural recycling tactics

    ·       Tribal operations

    ·       College and university recycling

    ·       Institutional, lab and corporate recycling

Finding the Money for Recycling

    ·       Funding / grant opportunities

Buying Recycled

    ·       Reuse / buy recycled / recycled products

    ·       Green retailers

Guidance for Advocates

    ·       Legislative trends / initiatives

    ·       Environmental justice issues

    ·       Bottle bill pros / cons

    ·       Education and outreach

    ·       New Mexico Recycling Awareness Month

When completing the application, please keep these points in mind:

    1.      How is your subject contemporary and relevant?  Explain what is new or unique about the information presented.

    2.      What specific benefits or advantages will attendees gain from this topic?  Be specific about the tools and techniques you provide for attendees.

    3.      What will the participants be able to do as a result of attending this session?

    4.      Provide examples of how the points presented can be transferred to other organizations.

On your Abstract Submittal please include:      *Contact name *Company *Address *City, State, Zip *Phone *Fax *Email *Website *Abstract Title *AV Needs *2-3 Paragraph Description of Your Talk

Submit your Abstract online:     at <> OR Mail to NMRC, PO Box 24364, Santa Fe, NM 87502

Fax to 505-466-6266 or email to sarah@no.address

Call for Info: 505-603-0558

If you have trouble viewing any part of this email, please visit to view information.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Pierpont

NM Recycling Coalition - Deputy Director



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