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[GreenYes] recyclability of plastics beyond #1 and #2?

Recently the following appeared in the Wilmington (Delaware) News Journal

My old enemy Pat Canzano, CEO of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (I write about it as the Garbage Empire) is quoted as saying:

"The main impediment to greater recycling of other types of plastic is that no one wants to buy them, said DSWA Executive Director Pasquale S. Canzano."

"The market drives the process," Canzano said. "It doesn't make any sense to collect anything you can't market. Right now the people who are taking even single-stream [mixed] recyclables do not want margarine tubs, yogurt containers, the higher plastics. They see them as contaminants rather than recyclables."

"The state authority expects to double its recycling volume next year, to as much as 40,000 tons, as curbside pickup programs expand. But Canzano said the authority has no immediate plan to expand plastics recycling beyond narrow-neck bottles."

"Rigid plastics are banned from those curbside collections because they contaminate the recyclable plastics."

Can anyone give me some quick ammunition for responding to this?  Prices of the whole range of recovered plastics?



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