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[GreenYes] message from Dr Dick Glick Re Bio Diesel I share at his request


From: dglickd@no.address 1/5/2008 1:03:55 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Re: SOUTH FLORIDA:Joint Venture Envisions Biodiesel Proje
Hello Len -- Please send this to: <GreenYes@no.address>
60 million gallons of biodiesel -- with about 150,000 BTU/gallon -- provides less than 10 million MCF (MCF = 1 Million BTU) -- the equivalent of 10 million MCF of renewable natural gas = methane.
On reclaimed clay settling lands in Polk County, FL, the Corporations for Future Resources', (CFR) methanogenic anaerobic fermentation process can produce, from leucaena, 180 net MCF of renewable natural gas per year.  There are about 250,000 acres of clay related lands in Central Florida, upon which leucaena grows vigorously. 
On less than 60,000 acres of such -- CFR's process will produce 10 million MCF of renewable natural gas = methane.  In addition CFR's process produces 2.1 million tons of nitrogen-rich, very slow carbon-released, organic soil-amendment-compost, fertilizer. Further CFR's process produces `365,000 tons of food-grade carbon dioxide with today's market for such, and all currently transported from outside Florida -- of about 500 tons/day.
Well -- put it all together -- an investment near 1/2 that indicated for the 60 million gallons of biodiesel. would, without subsidies, return the investment in less than a year. 
Additionally this can be done with only positive impact on the environment; without use of or release of water, without particulate emissions; without gaseous emissions beyond carbon dioxide that under agricultural production is ever deceasing -- carbon dioxide equivalents in the atmosphere deceasing, that is.
And renewable natural gas can be used in any circumstance requiring non-renewable natural gas -- including almost all vehicle applications.
Wow!  That says a lot and all can be proven.
Best, Dick Glick

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