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[GreenYes] Re: youtube video

On the other hand, maybe it's the listservs theological/psycological pundits who need to respond.
I know this listserv had an interesting thread some months back about the environmental consequences of the fundamentalist Christian movement's eschatalogical views.  This is a verbatim quote from someone I forwarded the youtube video to.
"You gotta be kidding! I just wasted 10 minutes of precious time listening to pure bull schitt!
The question is NOT whether catastrophies WILL happen depending upon our actions (the answer to that question is it WILL happen. God's word says it will). The real question is "How can you act NOW to ensure WHERE you will spend eternity?""
Coincidentally enough, the NPR news show 'Here and Now' just had an interesting story about scapegoating when calamity befalls us individually or collectively.  It was taken from this article.


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