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[GreenYes] Re: Christmas Recycling Ideas/Myths

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Christmas Recycling Ideas/Myths

For families with young children:

Go to your newspaper and get an end-roll of newsprint.  Use water color paint,
finger paint or poster paint and create your own wrapping paper.  Great family
time activity.

Jon Tulman, Associate Planner
Eau Claire County (WI) Department of Planning and Development

>>> Pete Wirth <pwirth2@no.address> 11/29/07 12:27 PM >>>
I'm looking for material on what can and cannot be recycled in regard
to Christmas STUFF - wrapping paper, bows etc. I want to write a
brief PSA for our local weekly newspapers. Also, some suggestions on
alternatives like using comic strips instead of wrapping paper.

Any idea on where to go for this type of information.


GW Associates
702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210
603-590-8273 fax

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