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[GreenYes] Re: Looking for Pete Pasterz

Hi Ann, All,

If you are posting to GreenYes through an email program,
like Outlook, it should not cut off the sender's address.
You should be able to simply hit the "reply" button
to reply directly to the author, or "reply to all,"
and delete the author, just leaving the GreenYes address.
Emails should come to your inbox unhindered and
unadulterated by Googlegroups in any way.

If you are logged into GreenYes on the googlegroups
forum, you should be able to:
a. "Reply to author" for any message in a particular thread
b. Click on the ellipsis (...) at the center of any
munged email address within the body of a post
to gain access to the actual email address.
You'll have to log in to Google Groups to use these features, but you
don't need a Google email address to do this. You would use
your existing email address as subscribed to this list
for your login user account.

The precautions on the Google forum are tedious, but they thwart
robot harvesters from acquiring our addresses.

While I know it's just another account to remember, it
would be well worth our members' while to actually sign up
for a google account. It allows you to subscribe to multiple
google lists, and view and manage how
you receive your subscriptions with other
options too numerous to
mention here.

GreenYes listmaster

On Apr 25, 2:53 pm, Ann Schneider <schneider...@no.address> wrote:
> Hi Pete:
> I've been trying to get in touch with you. Sadly GRRN listserve cuts the
> senders email address. could you please let me know how to reach you?
> My apologies to the readers of the listserve for this posting.

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "GreenYes" group.
To post to this group, send email to GreenYes@no.address
To unsubscribe from this group, send email to GreenYes-unsubscribe@no.address
For more options, visit this group at

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