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[GreenYes] Re: RecycleBank

Recycle Bank are runnig in a few pilot neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
City recycling officials I have spoken with say the areas using
Recycle Bank have shown an increase in recyclables collected but due
to the additional time it takes to weigh each container, their labor
costs have gone up and they believe they can get the same recycling
increase by going to single stream with larger bins.

I have an electronic file on Recycle Bank which I can send you if
you're interested, but I'd recommend you speak with
Scott McGrath ( scott.mcgrath@no.address) of the Philadelphia Streets
Dept at 215-686-5095 or Steve Tilney of the Recycling Office at
( steven.tilney@no.address)

On Feb 11, 12:43 am, Alan Muller <amul...@no.address> wrote:
> At 01:03 PM 2/10/2007 -0800, you wrote:
> >Is anyone familiar with RecycleBank (
> >What do you think of it? A colleague asked me if anyone has worked
> >with them in CA.
> >Gary
> They have operations in Wilmington, Delaware, and the Philadelphia area.
> To me, the most interesting part of their operations is that they
> have put arms with scales on the trucks, and are weighing the (single
> stream, including glass) recyclables containers from each household,
> and keeping track of them using an RFID device on each can. So, they
> are in effect creating an account that can be tracked for each
> household. (There is no weighing of the non-recycled material
> containers but this would seem equally possible.....)
> The RecycleBank business model is to give people coupons or credits
> on a weight basis that can be redeemed for merchandise. They claim
> success in upping participation rates but I don't know their current numbers.
> My sense is that this technology is powerful and could be used in
> many different ways, such as targeting households with low apparent
> low recycling rates for educational/enforcement efforts, or other
> types of incentives. It is, or can be, a type of PAYT system.
> I also wonder about the intrusiveness of it. But I haven't heard
> anyone else raise this concern.
> Alan
> >Gary Liss & Associates
> >916-652-7850
> >Fax: 916-652-0485
> >
> Alan Muller, Executive Director
> Green Delaware
> Box 69
> Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
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> cell 302.299.6783
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