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[GreenYes] Re: Compact fluorescent bulb deposits

Hi, All

Intereting discussion. As my career has moved over to the energy efficiency
side, let me see if I can add a few things here.

First, the current market-share for CFL's is around 4% of all light-bulbs
sold. However, sales are concentrated along the West Coast, New Englad and
parts of the Midwest largely. THis is due to the fact that there is an
extensive network of local rebates and incentives on these products to
promote energy efficiency.

Second, these products have an estimated life of b/t 5 - 8 years depending
on time-of-use. Providing Point of Sale information on disposal will be,
IMHO, useless. At this time, a very small number of CFL's being purchased
are being used to replace another CFL.

Third, there are "CFL only fixtures" also that are actively marketed in new
homes. These fixtures require a CFL.

Fourth, Wal-Marts commitment to sell 100 million CFL's in '07 will double
the market share for these products.

Fifth, LED lighting will fundamentally change this entire conversation in 3
- 5 years.

Chris Cloutier

On 2/20/07, lstoerkel@no.address <lstoerkel@no.address> wrote:
> I would like to get a copy of the ordinance from Dane County that
> requires take-back at the point of sale.
> In California we have a long list of universal waste that is illegal
> to put in your trash. In Alameda County there is no enforcement, and
> no $$ for enforcement and barely enough $$ to keep the HHW drop off
> facility open on a very limited schedule.
> Currently, Ikea accepts compact fluorescents, but relying on the good-
> will of one big box retailer is not what I would call a viable
> materials handling plan.
> I agree that the idea of an individual paying $15 for a returnable box
> will not appeal to the vast majority of American consumers.
> Laurie Stoerkel
> City of Emeryville
> >

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