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[GreenYes] Re: Sustainable/Green fundraising ideas?

Hi, I have helped out schools for fundraising with my zerowaste eco-
bags. Please email me at merle@no.address and I can tell you more to
add to your website. But I make pencil holders for the kids and then
the adults can but a similar 4x8 bag that they can use for anything,
Mostly women for cosmetics, or to put into their bags. I have great
pricing, so it helps the schools bring in over 100% earnings.

I created this whole idea, since I did a fundraiswer for my school
here in Colorado and it went SO well, one of the parents told their
friend in California and we did it for them! I can send you pictures
of the little bags, and I do not put any logo on them, but if the
school wants theirs, I can sew it on for them. But otherwise, they are
great eco-4x8 bags! I can also do ohter sizes, this size works best
and makes the most money for the school. Plus the product is a zero
waste one!

thank you,


On Feb 20, 11:16 pm, "arianne cease" <arianne....@no.address> wrote:
> Thoughts or ideas on sustainable fundraisers?
> We are collecting ideas for innovative sustainable/green fundraisers that
> K-12 schools can use as a resource for planning their own fundraising
> events. If anyone has ideas or personal success stories, we would love to
> hear about them so that we may share with others.
> I am with the Zero Waste Alliance working on the Sustainable Oregon Schools
> Initiative (SOSI). SOSI is a long-term, comprehensive, state-wide program
> to help interested schools integrate sustainability into their operations
> and classrooms ( This resource list
> will appear on the SOSI website.
> Thank you for your help!
> Arianne Cease
> Program Assistant, Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative
> Zero Waste Alliance
> ace...@no.address <lst...@no.address>
> 503-853-2036

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