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[GreenYes] NCRA's Recycling Update Conference: March 27, 2007 - Register Now!

The Northern California Recycling Association Presents...

NCRA's Recycling Update 2007 -- Annual Conference
Tuesday, March 27, 8:45am - 4:30pm in Oakland
$80 non-members, $65 NCRA members -- includes meals
($65.00 + $40 NCRA Annual Dues = $105)

Online Registration and complete information:

The Northern California Recycling Association presents the 12th Annual
NCRA RECYCLING UPDATE program will bring you from out-of-touch to
up-to-date in one short workday. With the possibility of recycling
getting a big boost from the current interest in greenhouse gases, how
we deliver cost-effective programs is a matter of concern to all
recycling professionals. We offer what Jerry Powell, Editor & Publisher
of Resource Recycling Magazine, calls "the best program of its type in
the country," always at a below market price.

* Downtown Oakland: 1515 Clay Street - easy transit access
* Zero Waste continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments
* Meet, discuss, network with folks in the field
* Scholarships available for event volunteers and students!

Speakers and Topics:

* Panel Discussion: THE FUTURE OF COMPOSTING, with
Rick Anthony - CRRA's Push for Zero Organics in Landfills by 2010 Matt
Cotton - Stumbling Points for Organics processing and composting Cara
Peck - USEPA on anaerobic costs Michael Gross - Zanker Road Chris Choate
- Norcal Waste Services

* Farook Afsari, E-cullet, Oakland: "New Systems to Color-sort Glass"
* Rory Bakke, StopWaste.Org: Packaging Reduction Opportunities
* Bert Ball, LA Shares: Interactive Software is ready for roll-out
* Julia Chang, SFDoE: Improved Recycling at the SF Hall of Justice
* Connie Cloak, C2 Consulting: Using ESL classes to teach Used Oil
* Alicia Culver, Green Purchasing Institute, Berkeley: Purchasing for
Zero Waste
* Juliana Gerber, Edgar & Associates: Carpet Recycling Update
* Darby Hoover, Natural Resources Defense Council: Recycling at the
* Alexa Kielty, SFDoE: Door-to-Door through the Sunset-Improving
Curbside Participation
* Susan Kinsella, Conservatree: Improving Recycled Content Paper Use in
* Robert Kirby, Glass & ceramics consultant: End uses for low quality
* Ken Kurtzig, iReuse: iReuse San Francisco Programs
* G. Fred Lee, Groundwater Consultant: Long-term liability for landfills
* Richard Ludt, SWANA International: Southern California C&D processing
* Kevin Miller, City of Napa: New Developments in Napa's Program
* Carol Misseldine, California Product Stewardship Council: Recent
Events at CPSC
* J. Schuyler Morgan, Taku Group: Communication-based Leadership for
Sustainable Behavioral Change
* Eben Schwartz, California Coastal Commission: Marine Debris Issues
* Larry Siegfried, Timbron, Inc: Consuming tons of EPS and Loving It
* Lisa Skumatz, SERA: Reprise of others and her own recent work
* Mark Westlund, SFDoE: Latest on Plastic Bags: We Ain't Done Yet
* Gary Wolff, CA State Water Quality Control Board: Lessons from
* Tom Padia, StopWaste.Org: End of Day Reprise

Email ncra@no.address with questions and for more info Register
and check out NCRA online at:

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