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[GreenYes] Haulers/Carters who get *too* creative create headaches.

Our office is looking for the best means to monitor or regulate a
slowly increasing trend with haulers/carters.

These haulers set up customers with _one_ external collection
container, provided they agree to use a 'transparent bag' system.
Solid waste is to be disposed of in opaque bags by the cleaning staff
whereas recyclables are placed in clear bags. At the loading doc, a
single dumpster or _compactor_ (common!) is serviced by a single truck.
Later, at the 'dirty MRF', the dark bags are tossed aside while the
clear bags are broken open to recover recyclables.

Currently, one service has been given permission from our office
management to operate this way, for the time being. It seems however,
other companies are starting to do the same thing - advising
customers to do the 'colored bag' system, which these haulers claim
will be taken to the facility of the earlier-mentioned MRF.

IMHO, storage in a single container would seem to violate the spirit of
our city's commercial recycling law (cuz the Letter is, perhaps
subject to interpretation, now that I re-read it). Of course, I'm
concerned about *the appearance* to the public of throwing all
materials into one container... And *the appearance* of allowing a
truck to consume everything within one chamber; and the opportunity for
those who claim to tip at the one 'approved' MRF, subsequently
landfilling/incinerating instead.

As to the 'spirit' of the law... at times like this, I get the
impression our agency prioritizes pragmatic concerns over dogmatic
ones: ie. if the former may be more successful at getting us to our
goal, then why fix what "ain't broke".

What I want to know is: what happens a few chapters later in this
book? If we don't clamp down on this now, is there a point at which
abuse becomes out of control? Or a point where it alienates the
cynical public so far that it discourages participation?

Any thoughts?

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