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[GreenYes] Cans and Bottles for Electricity

I can?t remember the exact context and can?t seem to find the thread, but
Eric once asked me here about programs in Latin America that try to get
citizens ? particularly low-income other than waste-pickers ? interested in
recycling by offering them something of daily economic value to them in
exchange. I think I mentioned at the time the program in Curitiba that gave
bags of basic foodstuffs or vouchers for use at stores for such foodstuffs
in exchange for bags of recyclables turned in, the program in Recife to give
public bus tickets for bags of recyclables, and the occasional short-term
programs in São Paulo to give single-ride metro tickets in exchange for
drink cans or bottles.

I also promised to get back with other examples (sorry it took so long,
Eric). I recently found one that seems to be working well:
<> ?Cans and Bottles for


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