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[GreenYes] Re: Plastics

That's interesting. I heard a couple of months ago from some folks at a
Plastic Strategies conference that China was getting more selective but
things change quickly.

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> The operator of one of the bigger MRFs in Boston said that mixed loads of
> paper and plastic that two years ago had to be sent to an incinerator or
> landfill now have market value in China. He said the loads are being
> manually separated into constituent materials, driven by huge demand for
> raw materials and high energy prices there.
> This is still second-hand knowledge; I'd also be interested in anybody who
> has studied Chinese reuse markets in detail.
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>>>> "lstoerkel@no.address" <lstoerkel@no.address> 01/05/07 01:32PM >>>
> The City of Emeryville, CA accepts "all plastic bottles" although I've
> never seen a load refused because it contained other plastics. I spoke
> with a WMAC (Waste Management of Alameda County) rep who assured me
> that all mixed plastic shipped to China was being accepted at the port
> as recyclable, and she was certain that it was all being recycled.
> For me, that's the million dollar question. What's happening to all
> this plastic in China? How are they recycling 3-7 and non-bottle 1 and
> 2?
> Has anyone actually seen a Chinese plastic recycling plant in
> operation? And if so, what type of volume can they handle?
> Laurie Stoerkel
> City of Emeryville
> (510) 596-3795
> >

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