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[GreenYes] Fwd: [jtrnet] New Success Stories on Surplus Food Reduction and Recovery

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>Subject: [jtrnet] New Success Stories on Surplus Food Reduction and Recovery
>To: "Public and non-profit recycling market developers" <jtrnet@no.address>
>From: Heizenroth.Charles@no.address
>Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 11:42:17 -0500
>Please visit EPA's Organic Materials webpage to learn from our newly
>posted success stories on sustainable efforts to reduce and recover
>surplus food.
>These are some great ways of putting surplus food to good use!
>Surplus Food Recovery and Recycling Success Stories
>Food to Fuel
>Want fries with that fill up? With PacBio Biodiesel you can.
>Hawaii-based Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. converts recycled cooking oil into
>fuel that powers generators, commercial equipment, vehicles, and marine
>vessels. Biodiesel production diverts cooking oil from landfills, while
>its use reduces emissions of major greenhouse gases and substances such
>as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds,
>hazardous diesel particulates, and the acid-rain-causing sulfur dioxide.
>Rockin' to Fight Hunger
>Rock and Wrap It Up! (RWU) is a nonprofit program that arranges the
>collection and local donation of leftover food from rock concerts,
>sporting events, political rallies, and college and school cafeterias.
>Thereâ??s a lot of food leftover from these venues?as a rule, caterers
>prepare 10 to 15 percent more than they need for an event?and RWU makes
>it simple and satisfyying to donate the leftovers.
>Shopping for Change
>Recycling food scraps is good for the environment and business!
>Supermarkets in Massachusetts are reducing, recovering, and recycling
>their food waste and saving money by participating in the state's
>voluntary supermarket recycling certification program.
>Food Scraps Go to the Animals
>Don't throw away your food waste! Barthold Recycling and Roll-Off
>Services picks up food scraps from commercial businesses and feeds the
>scraps to pigs and cattle.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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