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[GreenYes] Call for Abstracts: "Take-it-Back" Conference, 3/12-13, 2007, Annapolis, MD

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>From: "Allyn Sweet" <circulation@no.address>
>October 12, 2006
>For Immediate Release
>Contact: Bruce Popka
>Vice President
>Raymond Communications, 301-345-4237
>Call for Abstracts for Extended Producer Responsibility Conference
>Raymond Communications, Inc., College Park, MD, has issued a Call
>for Abstracts for presentations at its 2007 Take it Back! "extended
>producer responsibility" conference. The conference, in its 11th
>year, will be held in Annapolis, Maryland, March 12-13, 2007.
>The conference is soliciting proposals for 30 to 60 minute
>presentations in the areas of best practices in product takeback and
>producer responsibility; strategies for meeting recycling and
>related environmental regulations around the globe, future trends
>and innovations in recycling, particularly in regard to electronics;
>advances in the design of environmentally-sensitive packaging and
>products; sustainability and consumer behavior; technology and the
>environment; and related subject areas. Proposals should be no more
>than 250 words in length and include brief biographical information
>about the speaker(s).
>The deadline for submitting abstracts is November 10, 2006.
>Abstracts should be emailed to: bruce@no.address
>The Take it Back! Conference, which is global in scope, attracts
>corporate managers, government officials, consultants and
>environmental community leaders from across the United States and
>around the world. They meet to share innovative strategies, network
>and seek cost effective yet environmentally-friendly business
>solutions for the 21st century.
>In addition to hosting the Take it Back! Conference, Raymond
>Communications, founded in 1991, publishes the newsletters, State
>Recycling Laws Update and Recycling Laws International, and a
>variety of special reports. It also conducts teleconferences on
>various environmental regulations and their impact on business.
> #####
>Kind regards,
>Allyn Sweet
>Circulation Manager
>Raymond Communications, Inc.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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