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[GreenYes] Re: Disc recycling

There's a discussion of the topic of recycling compact discs on JTR Net
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From: "David Beschen" <dbesc...@no.address>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 06:21:43 -0700
To: <dbid...@no.address>
Subject: RE: [GreenDisk] Customer Contact
In GreenDisk's 14 year history I cannot recall that we have every
subtracted an item from the list of things we accept. We have only
added new items. Of course because we focus on technotrash many items
has become obsolete and have tended to eliminate themselves.
Every day we receive more and more requests from individuals and
businesses that are "retiring" their video tape libraries. With the
demand for video tapes dropping as it has the need for us to recycle
them increases. At this point we still degauss them in preparation
for resale, but most will probably go directly to plastics recyclers
after we ensure that all content
has been erased.
As our ability to resell video tapes dissipates we are beginning to
center our attention on the recycling process. Working closely with
one of our nonprofit partner facilities we are developing an automated
separation process that will allow us to economically handle the
increasing numbers as they occur.
Thank you for your inquiry. GreenDisk is at your disposal.
Best regards,
David Beschen
(P) 425.392.8700
(F) 425.392.8727
(C) 425.985.5133

Megan wrote:
> Is there a way to safely recycle CDs and DVDs? Our IT department wants
> to recycle but are afraid that backup CDs with sensitive data or
> licensed software may end up in the wrong hands. Any ideas on how to
> destroy the data and still recycle the disc?
> Also, I'm sure someone out there knows what happens to these CDs and
> DVDs went sent to a recycler (greendisk, etc.)....can you let me in on
> the secret??
> Many thanks!
> Megan

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