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[GreenYes] recycling OLD laser/copy toner cartridges

I'm working with a company who is trying to responsibly recycle laser
and copy toner cartridges from electronics sent for recycling. I know
there are many companies out there who advertise to recycle cartridges,
however, the several that I have talked to seem interested until they
discover just how OLD these cartridges are- Not current printers (OLD
printers = OLD cartridges), not always OEM cartridges (some previously
refilled), drums and waste toner from copy machines (all makes/models),
and even older ink cartridges (which still go in machines many people
own, but are not accepted at local office supply stores for recycling).
I do NOT want to have to advise this company to discard the items in
the trash, but have been unsuccessful in finding a company willing to
take the material- even for a small price/shipping- and it must be gone
in the reasonable future. Would appreciate any references on West
Coast or that can be shipped to.
Thank You-
-Michelle Minstrell
Waste/Recycling Consultant

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