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[GreenYes] Re: recycling OLD laser/copy toner cartridges


I run a company called RecycleFirst and we deal with cartridges every day. I
can help you out with these old cartridges and have them recycled. The only
thing is we cannot pay for the freight back to our recycling facility in
Thousand Oaks, CA. If you mail them to my facility I will recycle them.
Please contact me and I can fully explain the program.


100 Main St., Ste 210
Dover, NH 03820
F 603-516-7333
Contract GS-02F-0158N

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Subject: [GreenYes] recycling OLD laser/copy toner cartridges

I'm working with a company who is trying to responsibly recycle laser and
copy toner cartridges from electronics sent for recycling. I know there are
many companies out there who advertise to recycle cartridges, however, the
several that I have talked to seem interested until they discover just how
OLD these cartridges are- Not current printers (OLD printers = OLD
cartridges), not always OEM cartridges (some previously refilled), drums and
waste toner from copy machines (all makes/models), and even older ink
cartridges (which still go in machines many people own, but are not accepted
at local office supply stores for recycling).
I do NOT want to have to advise this company to discard the items in the
trash, but have been unsuccessful in finding a company willing to take the
material- even for a small price/shipping- and it must be gone in the
reasonable future. Would appreciate any references on West Coast or that
can be shipped to.
Thank You-
-Michelle Minstrell
Waste/Recycling Consultant

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